About Robert Roág | Paintings - Sculptures


As an artist he experimented long time with pencil and brush and examined exhaustively all the possibilities of various sculpting techniques. Although his work experienced appreciation he returned to paper and linen, because it is more refined and more nuanced expressed in drawings and paintings.

The surrounding reality is the source of inspiration for the artist, continuously it captures that reality in images in which the conscious and unconscious free game. Noteworthy is his special use of colour in a style, which is somewhat abstract expressionist. However, his motives easily recognizable. Despite powerful palette-and brush strokes, they are in form and color often charming.
Roágs ideal of human harmony with the fellow man and nature is in his work most clearly reflected.
Each day of our lives something lovely arises, the art is to open our eyes for it.
His oeuvre now found international recognition. There are also miscellaneous books on the work of Robert Roág appeared, the last emotions in color.